A Message from God

A Book Journal for Children to Connect, Write, and Release

About the book

If your child is struggling with opening up or not feeling heard, or would simply like to explore a new way to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through writing, then A Message from God: A Book Journal for Children to Connect, Write, and Release is the book for him or her! Each letter from God gives your child opportunity to learn who God is, and an opportunity to write back to God to begin to initiate conversation in the areas of Fear, Family, Friendships, and their Future.

We want each child to understand the importance of having conversation with God to come to realize that no matter what this life brings, communicating with God changes everything!

Our greatest desire is that each child will become more comfortable doing just this — opening up and sharing their life stories with God, and gaining full confidence in God knowing that He cares, He will come to their rescue, and He will help them in every single area of their lives.


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