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Asha spent her childhood years afraid to let family and peers in. She was afraid to open up and communicate to them her addictions, fears, doubts, insecurities, failures, and pains. She was praised for what could be seen (her academic achievements and involvement with sports and organizations), and out of fear of disappointing people, she internalized her shortcomings and the issues she dealt with. As a result, she went through life masking her emotions, and pretending all was well. She suppressed her truth and suffered in silence because of it.

Writing became her safe place for God had used it to heal her and restore her confidence in her identity, her voice and in her story. She is now committed to creating opportunities for others to learn to embrace and articulate their unique stories and turn their experiences into a transformative book.

Asha is a Writer, Speaker and Self-Published Author of the children's book, 'A Message from God: A Book Journal for Children to Connect, Write, and Release'. Her book can be found on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and in-store at Barnes & Noble’s Edgewood Retail District location in Atlanta, GA. She is also the Founder of the non-profit, 'A Message to God, for God Inc.' Asha’s mission with this organization is to create spaces and opportunities for women and men to fellowship, write, and share their unique stories. She’s helped and continues to help many women and men combine their faith with writing to empower them to walk in truth and become most effective in their callings.

Everyone has a story to share; Asha is committed to helping you get yours told.